Woman dies after crash involving Monroeville police car on Route 22 Read more: http://www.wtae.com/news/monroeville-police-car-in-multivehicle-crash-on-route-22/30116666#ixzz3LXXJlmvK

The crash happened Monday afternoon near the Monroeville Mall entrance. A witness said two police cars were going through the intersection at Mall Plaza Boulevard when the second police vehicle got into a T-bone crash with a civilian car, and the impact led to a third car becoming involved in the accident.

Cole said the officer who crashed had his emergency lights and sirens activated, as he was on his way to help a fellow officer with a traffic stop near the on-ramp to the Parkway East.

“The traffic signals automatically turn red when the police cars come through with their emergency equipment activated,” County Police Lt. Andrew Schurman said. “That triggers a response in the intersection to turn all the other intersecting roads, to turn their signals to red.”

Schurman said the system was tested and appears to be working properly, but they are continuing to make sure all procedures were followed.

“I don’t want to speak to Monroeville police’s departmental policy,” Schurman said. “I know state law mandates we make sure the intersections are clear before we proceed through them.”

A criminal complaint identifies the suspect in the traffic stop as Martell Lavon Harris, 28, of East Pittsburgh, and says two bricks of suspected heroin were found in his car after he abandoned it at the parkway on-ramp and tried to run away. The complaint says two civilians helped Officer Jeremy Frisk detain Harris during a struggle after the officer had used his Taser.

Harris is charged with possession with intent to deliver, as well as aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person because of the Route 22 crash, according to the complaint.

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