Kelley Law Firm - Wrongful Death Lawyers - Kevin Kelley

Kelley Law Firm – Wrongful Death Lawyers – Kevin Kelley

The Kelley Law Firm PC represents the rights of people seriously injured through the fault of others. We are passionately committed to our clients and stress the highest level of personal service, professionalism and case preparation. It is our top priority to develop and maintain a sound attorney/client relationship founded on mutual honesty, trust and teamwork providing the best results for our clients.

We focus on wrongful deaths and injury claims and lawsuits of all kinds, including those stemming from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, product recalls, plane crashes, truck accidents, and any other type of negligence-based accident. As your personal injury attorneys, we can help you file a claim or lawsuit for electrocutions, and other work-related injury’s, where a third party has contributed to your injuries. In cases of catastrophic injuries, such as brain and spine injuries, it is imperative that you have strong and aggressive legal representation, which we can provide.

We believe that representation of injured persons does not stop in the office and in the courtroom. We have been honored that some of our verdicts have led to changes in the law, helping to protect the general public from unreasonable harm.

Our goal is to provide aggressive and professional legal representation to every client in order to ensure that their issue is resolved in the best possible manner. Our clients’ best interests are what matters to us, and we do whatever we can to meet or exceed their expectations. In order to accomplish this, the Kelley Law Firm PC focuses on the following:

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Mediocrity is not acceptable. We promise to give 100% to every client, and we do whatever it takes to provide the best possible advice and representation that we can.

We believe that everything we do for our clients, and thus everything we bill them for, should provide some added value to the overall resolution of their issue or their expectations of us. We do the work necessary to provide a quality product, but we don’t bill our clients for extra time or effort that does not benefit their case.

We know that often what matters to clients the most when a legal issue arises is to have that issue resolved as soon as possible. It’s often easy for legal disputes to drag on through the court system for a significant period of time. We promise to act on your case in an efficient and timely manner. We do not miss deadlines, and we’re happy to keep each client updated on new developments so that the client stays informed as to our progress.