Family files wrongful death lawsuit against Houston hospital

A lawsuit has been filed against a Houston hospital alleging a young man died because staff was more concerned with securing payment than saving his life.

On Dec. 26, 2013, Sandra De Leon was at Doctors Hospital-Tidwell, when her boyfriend died.

“This is so very difficult for me to talk about,” De Leon said through tears. “The doctor just went out and he said that there was nothing else that he could do—that he was dead.”

But De Leon says what makes it worse is that 32-year-old Baldomero Flores, a father of three, could have been saved.

On Friday, attorneys Les Weisbrod and Domingo Garcia filed a lawsuit against the hospital and Dr. Charles Lee Leggitt, Jr.

“This is an unnecessary death,” said Weisbrod.

“In this case, Mr. Florez was denied medical care for 41 minutes while they were haggling over how he was going to pay for his emergency care,” added Garcia.

The next part is not in question: Flores had been fighting a fever. On the day that he died, Flores went to a doctor and was injected with an antibiotic.

“He just started getting worse,” De Leon said, “progressing throughout the evening.”

Flores called an ambulance and was taken to Doctors Hospital-Tidwell.

It was later confirmed that Flores was having an allergic reaction to the medication and went into anaphylactic shock; the medical examiner confirms that’s why he died.

“He wasn’t given epinephrine for an hour-and-a-half after he got to Doctors Tidwell emergency room,” said Weisbrod.

“Nobody rushed to render help at the time that they were supposed to,” said De Leon.

We did get in touch with Dr. Moeen, the CEO of Doctor’s Hospital-Tidwell, she said that as of Friday afternoon, she had not received the lawsuit and that they were in the process of getting a lawyer. Moeen also said that the hospital did provide proper care.

We were unable to find contact information for Dr. Charles Lee Leggitt Jr., but Moeen says he doesn’t work at the hospital anymore.

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