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An electric shock can occur when a person comes into contact with any source of voltage high enough to cause sufficient current flow through the muscles or hair. The current from the electrical shock may cause death, tissue damage or fibrillation According to the National Institutes of Health, about 1,000 people die annually of electrocution in the United States. Many of these deaths are the result of work place accidents or faulty wiring. After suffering a serious electrical shock it is important to get proper medical treatment and to make sure that the dangerous condition is remedied so that no one else suffers a similar injury. If the shock caused serious injuries or a fatal electrocution and someone is at fault for the death or injury, it also may be a good idea to contact an experienced Texas Electrocution and Electrical Shock Lawyer who is familiar with locating insurance and making negligent corporations pay for unsafe actions that result in fatal accidents or serious injuries.

Death caused by an electric shock is referred to as electrocution. Human error is a main cause of electrocution and electrical shocks including failure to follow safety regulations, faulty wiring, defective motors & appliances, and negligent maintenance practices. Other causes of electrocution and serious electrical shocks include accidental contact with exposed parts of electrical appliances, motors, transformers, or wiring; young children biting or chewing on electrical cords, or poking metal objects into the electrical outlet; downed power lines; use of metal around power lines; electrical wiring or appliances close to water; and altered and defective products.

Corporations and property owners that fail to follow safety regulations or modify machines or equipment can create deadly traps for electricians and other workers.