Elderly man killed in accident at Jurong East

SINGAPORE: An accident involving an SMRT bus and a pedestrian left one elderly man dead on Monday (Nov 17).

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said they were alerted to the incident along Jurong East Street 32 at 11.57am. They sent one ambulance to the scene, but the 90-year-old man – later identified by SMRT as Mr Tan – was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police received a call at 11.58am informing them of an accident along Jurong East Avenue 1 towards Toh Guan Road. The bus driver was arrested at scene, and investigations are ongoing.

Channel 8 News quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the lower half of the elderly man’s body was mangled, while a walking stick was seen on the road. It also said the bus windscreen was shattered in the accident.

SMRT confirmed that the bus was driven by a 34-year-old Malaysian. Her relatives told Channel 8 News that she had only joined SMRT eight months ago, but had 13 years’ experience driving buses in Malaysia.

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