Deadly skating accident in Makakilo


For several hours the top part of Makakilo Drive was closed while police investigated a collision between a car and a skater.

“At about 10:35 in the morning, a car was traveling Makai-bound on Makakilo Drive when they hit a roller skater coming down on Kikaha Street,” said Lt. Carlene Lau, with the Honolulu Police Department Traffic Division.

The skater was a 27-year-old woman, who police said was not supposed to be on the road. According to HPD, the victim slammed into a BMW that was driving up the hill.

“It looked like she was falling as she got toward the intersection, because she was hit right in the intersection. It looked like she was trying to take the fall to stop when she was hit by the car,” said Lau.

While police don’t believe speed was a factor for the driver, a 54-year-old woman from Makakilo, they believe the skater’s speed could have played a part in the deadly accident.

“Witnesses said it looked like she was skating out of control, maybe going too fast in the roadway,” according to Lau.

Lau was not aware of other pedestrian problems at the intersection, but some Makakilo residents said the intersection is a dangerous one to cross.

“You have to be so careful here. Number one, the vehicles are parked too close to the crosswalk, then there is the bend here and speed is also a factor,” said Makakilo resident Dara Plecas.

The speed limit is 25 mph, but residents said cars routinely go faster than that.
Plecas was so worried about the traffic hazards at the crosswalk she voiced her concerns to police just two months ago.

“I was mostly concerned about vehicles parked so close to the crosswalk that you really can’t see the cars coming — especially in the daytime,” said Plecas.

Even though the victim was on roller skates, HPD still considered it a pedestrian accident.
It is Oahu’s third traffic fatality of 2015.

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