Cops getting tough on drunk drivers for Labor Day weekend

Law enforcement will be on the lookout for drunken drivers through the holiday weekend.

Ryan Lafontaine from the Texas Department of Transportation visited Good Day Wednesday morning to talk about a campaign meant to save lives.

“It’s almost as if people have a sense of invincibility… it can’t happen to me or I’m a good drunk driver,” he said. “That’s impossible and it is a very serious situation, especially these times of year.”

Last year in Texas 21 people were killed and 42 were seriously injured in 388 alcohol-related crashes over the Labor Day weekend. In 2013, Texas led the nation in deaths caused by drunken drivers.

Lafontaine said encouraged people to look for a sober ride – call a cab, use mass transportation, get a ride from a friend or just stay put. TxDOT has set up a website that can help.

“The big thing is you have to make a plan before you leave to go out that night. Especially in the Metroplex, we have all kinds of options,” he said.

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