Five Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home bed

Elder abuse in nursing homes can come in a variety of forms, and, in Texas, residents of nursing homes are protected by both state and federal law from abuse by nursing home employees. But it is a mistake to rely solely on government authorities to identify and address elder abuse in Texas nursing homes, as state and federal regulators generally lack the resources to determine when elder abuse is occurring and to then take action against wrongdoers while obtaining justice for victims. Instead, the responsibility for taking action against elder abuse usually falls on the shoulders of family members of nursing home residents who should be vigilant in identifying elder abuse and working with an experienced Texas elder abuse attorney to win justice on behalf of victims and preventing further elder abuse from occurring. One of the most common forms of elder abuse in nursing homes is neglect, and below are five signs of neglect which family members should be cognizant of in nursing homes.

Dirty Bedding, Linens, and Clothes

Has the bedding and linen been changed and properly cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a healthy environment? If not, or if your family member is wearing unclean, unchanged clothing, this may be a sign of elder neglect.

Lack of Toiletries

Nursing homes should provide residents with the proper toiletries to ensure proper hygiene and health. Missing and/or stolen items such as soap, toothpaste, and other supplies is not only harmful to a family member’s health, but also a potential sign of other forms of neglect.

Requests for Food and Supplies

If a family member is asking you to bring in food or other items that the nursing home should be supplying, you should inquire further to determine whether this is due to the nursing home failing to provide these items as required.

Bed Sores, Weight Loss, and Dehydration

Bed sores are abrasions on the skin which often result from a nursing home resident not being tended to on a regular basis. Similarly, weight loss and dehydration can mean a nursing home resident is either not being provided adequate water and food or is not being provided with the proper care to make sure he or she eats or hydrates.

Mold and Infestation

Mold and infestation in nursing home rooms, bathrooms, and common areas can be deadly for residents and also a sign of neglect by owners and employees.

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