In Kevin Kelley’s first year as a lawyer he championed for a family and led the efforts to a multi-million dollar recovery. Since then, it has become commonplace for attorney Kevin Kelley and his team to recover millions for families.
Patricia M. Morgan is a wrongful death attorney dedicated to ensuring individuals that have lost loved ones due to corporate negligence are compensated for their loss and devastation. Patricia is driven by her passion for helping those in the community that are unaware of their rights and fallen victim to the injustices of the insurance industry.
Attorney Michael Crozier is a senior wrongful death attorney at the Kelley Law Firm. He has worked exclusively as a plaintiff’s attorney since his legal career began in 2010. Attorney Crozier developed his passion for helping others at a very young age.
Tomiyo is fiercely dedicated to recovering every dollar available to her clients and making sure our roadways and workplaces are free from the needless danger inflicted by careless drivers and in profit-motivated boardrooms. Every day she is grateful for the opportunity to fight exclusively for the rights of families who have lost a loved one.
Iyman is an attorney at the Kelley Law Firm who is dedicated to recovering money for the families of wrongful death victims.  She has successfully won multiple judgments advocating for clients, and will continue to seek justice for families dealing with the loss of loved ones in fatal accidents as a result of the negligence of others.