Motorcycle-Related Accidents On The Rise, CSPD Warns Drivers And Riders To Be Safe

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner: that means heavy traffic everywhere

Springs police say a rise in motorcycle-related accidents lately is a reminder to be vigilant on the roads.

In the past three weeks there have been seven motorcycle-related accidents. An accident on Tuesday was fatal.

Over the holiday weekend, police are asking drivers and riders to lookout for each other on the roads.

Police say motorcyclists should wear helmets and protective clothing, stay within the lanes of the road, switch lanes as if you were a car and of course go the speed limit.

For drivers police say always look twice.

“Watch out for motorcycles; they’re much smaller vehicles. Watch for their headlights and be aware that a motorcycle might be coming up on you. If they’re coming up faster than you are, you might not be aware of them until it’s too late,” CSPD Lt. Scott Schwall said.

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