2 teens hit with wrongful death lawsuit in deadly Vann Drive crash

ACKSON, Tenn. — Two Jackson residents are being hit with a wrongful death lawsuit after the death of Thomas “Jay” Hogan and his wife, Julia.

Thomas and Julia Hogan were killed in July when they were involved in a car crash that took place in Vann Drive.

Mark Donahoe, an attorney representing part of Hogan’s family, is filing the suit. “We filed a wrongful death case on behalf of the children of Joy Hogan, from the accident that occurred a couple of weeks ago where he was killed out on Vann Drive,” Donahoe said.

According to Donahoe, the couple was killed after a collision with Markarious Searchy, who allegedly was racing Jordan Bailey.

“There’s certainly high speed involved,” Donahoe said. “There is some information that there were two cars that was moving at a very high rate of speed. We believe we know where they were going at the time and where they were coming from.”

Searchy and Bailey, both 18, are being sued for $5 million. Right now it’s unclear whether Searchy and Bailey have been charged with any criminal offenses.

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