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      Our attorneys are committed to you and will work vigorously to obtain the best possible recovery in your case.


      Our attorneys are experienced and can handle any type of injury case for you.


      At the Kelley Law Firm, you do not have to go through a call screen. You will get to speak to a lawyer directly, preferably the one who will be handling your case.


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      We focus on wrongful death, personal injury claims, and lawsuits of all kinds, including those stemming from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, product recalls, plane crashes, truck accidents, and any other type of negligence-based accident. Let us help you. YOU CAN CALL US (800) 498-5355. We’re conveniently located in Dallas, Texas and as your personal injury attorneys, we can help you file a claim or lawsuit for electrocutions and other work-related injuries, where a third-party has contributed to your injuries. In cases of catastrophic injuries, such as brain and spine injuries, it is imperative that you have strong and aggressive legal representation, which our lawyers and legal team can provide.

      We Hold Companies Responsible

      We cannot return those lost, but we will fight to make sure families move forward.

      $18,000,000 Settlement

      $18,000,000 Settlement

      $5,000,000 Settlement

      $5,000,000 Settlement

      Arkansas Accident

      $9,000,000 Settlement

      $9,000,000 Settlement

      $2,300,000 Settlement

      $2,300,000 Settlement

      $4,000,000 Settlement

      $4,000,000 Settlement

      $6,000,000 Settlement

      $6,000,000 Settlement

      Chicago Accident


      Our clients have lost the most important people and things in the world to them.

      Our clients suffer unimaginable losses and it’s important that they understand we take each case as if it were our own family member.  Our experienced team of wrongful death lawyers have established a strong reputation for consistent and impressive results with the highest level of service and integrity. At the Kelley Law Firm it’s never just business. It’s always personal.

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      • Our Law Firm is Highly Rated with Five Star Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials from our National & International Clients

      • Our Top-Rated Lawyers are Aggressive in Automobile Accident Cases as well as Bicycle, Airline, Chemical Burn, Dog Bite, and Child’s Injury Cases that are a Result of Negligence

      • Super Lawyer Kevin Kelley & His Team will Immediately Work any Civil Claim Whether it’s from a Motorcycle, Boat, or Car/Auto Accident.

      • Involved in a Slip and Fall, Work Related, or had Soft Tissue Damage from a Wreck? Our Legal Help is Available Nationwide in America while Local in Downtown Dallas, Texas.

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      • In Choosing the Best Law Office Make Sure a Free Consultation and Offer  Contingency Fees (Think “No Win No Fee”). This Makes Your Car or Motor Vehicle Case More Affordable.

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      We can help ease the stress you are experiencing. We can deal with the insurance companies while you focus on your recovery. We can ultimately pursue a maximum amount of compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial losses. Our mission is to help you to move past this difficult time in your life. Without a lawyer representing your interests, you will likely discover that it is very difficult to work with insurance companies. They may challenge your claim and use your statements against you in an effort to minimize or deny your claim.

      Nationally Recognized in Protecting Families

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      Car Accident Lawyer Dallas TX

      • You may be Eligible to Recover Maximum Compensation

      • The Best Lawyers for Automobile Injuries

      • Top Rated Attorneys for Car Wrecks

      Our law firm works with accident reconstruction experts and other specialists to investigate car accidents. After an auto or motorcycle accident it is essential that injury victims recover damages proportional to their losses. Our lawyers determine the cost of our client’s injuries in terms of physical therapy, medical equipment, prescription drugs, lost earnings, and any future medical treatment.

      Our Clients’ best Interests are what Matter to Us

      Lawyer – An Advocate and Counselor Working on Your Behalf

      Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

      • We Seek Justice for those Injured by the Negligent Actions of Others

      • Millions of Dollars Recovered in Various 18-Wheeler Accidents

      • Top Rated Reviews & Testimonials from Clients Nationwide

      If you have been injured or had a family member killed in a trucking accident, contact us today for a free consultation. Our law firm works with accident reconstruction experts and other specialists to investigate truck accidents. We go as far as to question the driver, obtain the truck logs and maintenance records, interview the company’s training and safety supervisors, and analyze the recorders and GPS mechanisms. In addition to our work with victims of 18-wheeler wrecks, we help people injured in accidents involving rock trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and tandem trailer trucks, which cause catastrophic wrecks due to their size.

      Giving Families Light in Their Darkest Days

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      Wrongful Death Attorneys in Dallas

      • We Provide One-On-One Compassionate Service

      • Our Lawyers Have Successfully Recovered Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for our Clients

      • Best Wrongful Death Law Firm in the Nation

      • Our Clients have Given us Top Ratings & Stellar Reviews

      Our many years of service to victims of wrongful death incidents has given us a thorough understanding of just how difficult life can be for our clients. The physical and emotional harm caused should be vindicated and we will do everything in our power to ensure that is done. No Two lawsuits are the same. We take the time to understand what you are going through and will be sure to answer any questions and address your unique needs as we handle your case.


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