In Kevin Kelley’s first year as a lawyer he championed for a family and led the efforts to a multi-million dollar recovery. Since then, it has become commonplace for attorney Kevin Kelley and his team to recover millions for families.
Patricia Morgan is a wrongful death attorney at the Kelley Law Firm and has been fighting to recover money for individuals that have lost loved ones in fatal accidents due to the negligence of others.
Michael Crozier
Michael Crozier is a senior wrongful death attorney at the Kelley Law Firm. He has worked exclusively as a plaintiff’s attorney since his legal career began in 2010.
Tomiyo graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science. She received a scholarship to attend Southern Methodist University of Dallas, but transferred to American University in Washington D.C. when a summer internship at a trade association became a full-time opportunity.